About us


We believe that everyone, regardless of ability or origin, has a fundamental right to access the information and tools on World Wide Web.

Pauza started in 2001 as a design agency whose focus was on innovative, beautiful products that empower businesses. We start our journey with web technology from the beginning, early plane HTML, open-source platforms, even with custom made PHP content management system. Then we fell in love with Drupal.

Great results require enthusiasm, energy, passion and knowledge. We work with all size companies, and love to get strategy, values, web launches, etc. Our goal is to make work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive to our clients and their clients, through fun, intelligent, challenging, motivating and engaging solutions.

Our small company strongly encourages a healthy work-life balance. We are trying to foster a workplace that is equitable and inclusive for all. We love our hometown Sarajevo and want to inspire positive change in it and make sure it’s a place where great ideas come to life.

Past activities

  • OpenCofee Sarajevo
  • OpenCoffee is an informal meetup for web enthusiasts: entrepreneurs, designers, investors and people interested in entrepreneurship. It is held every 1st or 2nd Thursday of the month.

  • Drupal Balkan Summit Event Host
  • Drupal Balkan Summit is an annual gathering of people loving, learning and discussing the open-source content management system, Drupal. Sessions cover Drupal topics such as useful modules, front-end, use-cases or doing business with Drupal. This regional event is organised by Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian Drupalers.

  • Google Developers Group Sarajevo
  • Pauza hosted GDG events; Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, App Engine, and Google Chrome platforms, to product APIs like the Maps API, YouTube API and Google Calendar API.

  • Mediacentar Trainings Mentorship
  • Pauza has provided training for journalists. Series of courses have provided an informative introduction to the methods, tools and processes involved in visualising big data and best web practices.

  • OSCE Trainings Mentorship
  • We have had organised Digital Media Workshops. Series of courses have provided an informative introduction to the methods, tools and processes involved for media web publishers.

Drupal BH
Community Hub

Pauza d.o.o. is the first Drupal development agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have initiated Drupal community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are regularly organizing community meetups and workshops for all organizations and companies interested in building their websites with Drupal.

Drupal Balkan Summit 2012

We are also one of the initiators of regional Drupal event, Drupal Balkan Summit where we organized and sponsored the second Summit in Sarajevo in May 2012.